Getting faster on the intervals

18:35 min/mi
28:48 min/mi
39:32 min/mi
49:28 min/mi
58:53 min/mi
68:50 min/mi
0.111:52 min/mi
Total55:286.1 mi9:04 min/mi
6 ×4:58.01000m7:59 min/mi
Average1:59.2400m7:59 min/mi
WU1:060.11 mi10:12 min/mi
14:581000m7:59 min/mi
R3:41600m9:52 min/mi
25:001000m8:02 min/mi
R3:50600m10:16 min/mi
34:591000m8:01 min/mi
R3:53600m10:24 min/mi
44:591000m8:01 min/mi
R3:53600m10:24 min/mi
55:001000m8:02 min/mi
R3:50600m10:16 min/mi
64:521000m7:49 min/mi
WD4:030.35 mi11:34 min/mi

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