Hot and humid LSR via Victoria Park

Should have an extra mile or so but my Garmin 620 reset itself a few miles in to the run, losing some of the run.

18:59 min/mi164-7 ft
211:13 min/mi164-162 ft
38:35 min/mi172-68 ft
49:04 min/mi17648 ft
59:02 min/mi168-85 ft
68:57 min/mi175-7 ft
78:59 min/mi176-11 ft
89:22 min/mi1760 ft
98:57 min/mi1818 ft
0.88:45 min/mi1786 ft
Total1:27:409.8 mi8:57 min/mi173
19:501.08 mi9:04 min/mi164
216:101.79 mi9:01 min/mi168
320:582.31 mi9:03 min/mi172
430:493.38 mi9:06 min/mi177
59:521.13 mi8:41 min/mi180

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