Intervals (5×1600m @ ~6:34 pace)

Good session, windy on the back straight and legs feeling quite tired towards the end but powered through. Knee niggle seems under control.

18:43 min/mi145-1 ft
26:36 min/mi1811 ft
37:09 min/mi1721 ft
47:08 min/mi1760 ft
57:17 min/mi1730 ft
67:12 min/mi1800 ft
76:41 min/mi1810 ft
89:03 min/mi1530 ft
Total1:00:078.0 mi7:29 min/mi169
5 ×6:37.61600m6:39 min/mi
Average1:39.4400m6:39 min/mi
WU8:290.96 mi8:50 min/mi144
16:331600m6:35 min/mi180
R2:20400m9:23 min/mi164
26:381600m6:40 min/mi179
R2:14400m8:59 min/mi169
36:381600m6:40 min/mi181
R2:20400m9:23 min/mi157
46:381600m6:40 min/mi182
R2:19400m9:19 min/mi168
56:411600m6:43 min/mi182
R2:15400m9:03 min/mi155
WD6:570.77 mi9:02 min/mi152

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