LSR (8 miles @ marathon effort)

What a terrible running week! Totally lost my mojo at the start of the week, and struggled to summon the effort to get out for my eight miler. Then developed an achilles niggle which I used as an excuse to skip the next couple of days. A Christmas party ensured Friday’s run was a no-go, and on Saturday I still couldn’t be bothered to get out there.

Knuckled down today though for the main session of the week – a 16 mile long run with 8 miles at marathon pace. At this stage I’m not 100% sure what my marathon pace is so ran to feel instead. Pace might have been a little higher, and heart rate might have been a little lower, but it was quite windy down on the Severn and overall just pleased I got out there and completed the run.

Hoping for a much better week next week!!

18:18 min/mi16218 ft
28:14 min/mi170-11 ft
38:11 min/mi172-37 ft
48:16 min/mi1749 ft
58:42 min/mi17418 ft
68:30 min/mi17314 ft
78:31 min/mi169-47 ft
87:39 min/mi1820 ft
97:45 min/mi1875 ft
107:53 min/mi1850 ft
117:50 min/mi1876 ft
127:36 min/mi1854 ft
137:45 min/mi1877 ft
147:50 min/mi1893 ft
157:49 min/mi1905 ft
168:58 min/mi17919 ft
Lap Time Distance PaceHR
Total 2:09:58 16.0 mi 8:07 min/mi179
1 1:00:23 7.20 mi 8:23 min/mi171
2 1:02:11 8.01 mi 7:45 min/mi187
3 7:23 0.79 mi 9:18 min/mi176

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