Riverside intervals (5×1200m)

Aiming for 5K pace (5:55/mi) but struggled to hit that after the first rep. It’s been a while since I’ve done intervals not on the track so found it hard to judge the pace. Also probably still have Sunday’s 10K in my legs. Still, got the heart pumping which is the main thing.

17:30 min/mi155-20 ft
27:39 min/mi16811 ft
37:34 min/mi167-10 ft
47:27 min/mi166-37 ft
56:37 min/mi1783 ft
66:42 min/mi1850 ft
77:08 min/mi188-5 ft
86:47 min/mi18112 ft
97:14 min/mi180-14 ft
108:19 min/mi16610 ft
118:10 min/mi160-8 ft
128:07 min/mi16112 ft
Total1:29:3012.0 mi7:26 min/mi171
5 ×4:30.81200m6:03 min/mi
Average1:30.3400m6:03 min/mi
WU31:184.14 mi7:34 min/mi164
14:251200m5:55 min/mi181
R2:36500m8:22 min/mi178
24:281200m5:59 min/mi188
R2:43400m10:55 min/mi184
34:321200m6:04 min/mi190
R2:55450m10:25 min/mi175
44:331200m6:06 min/mi186
R2:40400m10:43 min/mi171
54:361200m6:10 min/mi184
R2:45450m9:50 min/mi169
WD21:542.72 mi8:03 min/mi161

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