Slightly shorter medium-long run

Let’s just say I had to pop in to a few coffee shops on the run for some urgent “recovery”!!

17:47 min/mi1577 ft
28:23 min/mi1717 ft
38:45 min/mi17543 ft
48:33 min/mi174-30 ft
58:59 min/mi1724 ft
69:04 min/mi17133 ft
79:02 min/mi17156 ft
88:32 min/mi161-5 ft
98:33 min/mi167-12 ft
108:52 min/mi170211 ft
118:54 min/mi1663 ft
0.57:40 min/mi139-104 ft
Total1:39:0011.5 mi8:38 min/mi168
126:573.13 mi8:36 min/mi169
237:304.15 mi9:01 min/mi171
316:291.85 mi8:54 min/mi165
47:360.79 mi9:35 min/mi175
510:261.19 mi8:44 min/mi154

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