So… cold…
(2×2mi @ LT)

First session since Frankfurt. Really wasn’t sure how it would go, particularly given the drop in temperatures this week. I ran it with my watch under my jacket so I didn’t freak out about pace or heart rate and just ran by feel. This worked out well and I might do it more often while I settle back in to training.

Overall I’m pretty happy with the session. Obviously far slower than I have been, but it wasn’t terrible and the effort felt sustainable. Legs felt great, they’re certainly nice and fresh ready for the big miles coming up. Feel like I’ve got a bit of my running mojo back, and the fitness is slowly starting to return.

17:39 min/mi169-49 ft
28:01 min/mi1711 ft
36:58 min/mi18511 ft
47:06 min/mi190-8 ft
57:36 min/mi1878 ft
67:05 min/mi185-11 ft
76:49 min/mi1920 ft
87:22 min/mi185-2 ft
98:13 min/mi170-0 ft
0.88:19 min/mi17025 ft
Total1:13:229.8 mi7:30 min/mi180
117:312.23 mi7:52 min/mi170
215:452.28 mi6:55 min/mi191
36:570.85 mi8:13 min/mi180
415:182.28 mi6:42 min/mi191
51:050.12 mi8:57 min/mi184
616:432.03 mi8:13 min/mi170

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