Soaking wet track session

Couldn’t have timed that worse! Started raining when I left the house, and really heavy by the time I got to the track. It poured throughout the session, then eased up a bit as soon as I’d finished, and stopped entirely the second I’d finished my warm-down. Loved it though!

Pretty pleased with the paces, a bit of a confidence booster that my fitness hasn’t deserted me entirely – was starting to wonder. Went out a bit fast on the first interval, track was like a paddling pool and my shoes were soaked through and heavy within half a lap. Pleased I stuck with it, and didn’t slow up too much.

Was slightly dreading this session to be honest given my recent dip in form, so pleased it went relatively well especially given the weather. Bristol 10K on Sunday should be interesting, hoping I might be able to come in around 40 minutes but we’ll see.

18:37 min/mi1647 ft
28:32 min/mi165-133 ft
38:22 min/mi168-38 ft
47:13 min/mi177-8 ft
57:13 min/mi1852 ft
67:31 min/mi1864 ft
78:25 min/mi174-0 ft
87:36 min/mi17016 ft
99:05 min/mi172118 ft
108:52 min/mi17332 ft
Total1:21:4010.0 mi8:08 min/mi173
6 ×3:04.5800m6:11 min/mi
Average1:32.3400m6:11 min/mi
WU26:513.17 mi8:28 min/mi166
12:58800m5:58 min/mi182
R2:28400m9:55 min/mi176
23:02800m6:06 min/mi192
R2:43400m10:55 min/mi172
33:07800m6:16 min/mi191
R2:57450m10:33 min/mi170
43:06800m6:14 min/mi192
R2:45400m11:03 min/mi167
53:06800m6:14 min/mi186
R2:45400m11:03 min/mi165
63:08800m6:18 min/mi183
R:2740m18:06 min/mi170
WD22:102.50 mi8:52 min/mi170

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