Tempo run (4 miles @ ~7:19 pace)

First run with my new Garmin 920XT, which I managed to get super early from Wiggle, it having only been announced last week! Initial impressions are good, the screen is sharp and clear, and the accuracy seems better than the 620.

Today was my last bit of race pace running before the Royal Parks Half. These last runs never seem to go quite as well as I’d hope, and always leave me worried about hitting my race goals. Usual excuses for not quite hitting the pace I wanted – wind, net uphill route, pedestrians etc. Just have to trust the last few months of training really.

Main thing is my knee felt fine – seem to have managed that one well, continuing training while allowing it to get better, instead of running through pain and making things worse.

18:35 min/mi152-18 ft
27:17 min/mi178-3 ft
37:22 min/mi18445 ft
47:18 min/mi186-12 ft
57:18 min/mi18620 ft
68:38 min/mi17457 ft
79:10 min/mi172171 ft
0.19:02 min/mi17711 ft
Lap Time Distance PaceHR
Total 56:29 7.1 mi 7:58 min/mi175
1 8:39 1.01 mi 8:35 min/mi152
2 29:17 4.00 mi 7:19 min/mi184
3 6:39 0.77 mi 8:39 min/mi175
4 11:52 1.31 mi 9:02 min/mi172

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