Easy run home

Slightly worried about the pace in the middle of this run, as the effort felt ok but heart rate seemed up and pace well down. However looking at the GPS track, the route drifted a bit which probably caused a slower pace reading. Bit disappoiting to see in my new watch, although the rest of the track seemed spot on. Hopefully just a one off!

18:48 min/mi160-24 ft
28:43 min/mi1676 ft
39:06 min/mi16938 ft
49:55 min/mi167-5 ft
59:02 min/mi17284 ft
69:21 min/mi173161 ft
0.29:44 min/mi169-3 ft
Lap Time Distance PaceHR
Total 56:57 6.2 mi 9:10 min/mi168
1 8:46 0.99 mi 8:48 min/mi160
2 14:19 1.61 mi 8:54 min/mi168
3 23:07 2.47 mi 9:21 min/mi169
4 10:44 1.14 mi 9:26 min/mi172

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