Tired Pitchcroft tempo, cut short
(24 mins, 18 mins)

Original plan was 24 min, 18 min, 12 min, 6 min, 4 min, 3 min, 2 min, 2 min, starting at MP and getting faster. Legs felt ok today, but I’ve been very busy at work so feeling a bit tired mentally. First 24 mins went ok, especially as it was a bit breezy. However while I was able to up the pace for the second 18 min rep, I was feeling very tired and knew that I’d really have to bury myself if I was to complete the session. The last thing I want to do at this point is overcook myself and ruin all the hard work I’ve put in, so I decided to drop the rest of the session. I can hopefully now recover and have a good MP run at Reading.

17:17 min/mi1455 ft
27:26 min/mi1502 ft
36:43 min/mi161-3 ft
46:24 min/mi1735 ft
56:15 min/mi177-7 ft
66:13 min/mi1803 ft
76:47 min/mi1669 ft
86:15 min/mi17811 ft
96:14 min/mi1783 ft
106:41 min/mi168-1 ft
117:17 min/mi155-7 ft
127:19 min/mi1481 ft
0.47:33 min/mi1487 ft
Lap Time Distance PaceHR
Total 1:23:37 12.4 mi 6:46 min/mi163
1 17:23 2.35 mi 7:24 min/mi148
2 24:00 3.81 mi 6:18 min/mi175
3 3:12 0.42 mi 7:32 min/mi156
4 18:00 2.91 mi 6:11 min/mi177
5 21:01 2.86 mi 7:20 min/mi152

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