Track session (2×2mi, 2×1mi)

Really pleased with today’s session. Another early start, and I felt quite tired heading down to the track. Definitely had to concentrate to hold the right pace, but covered the 2 mile reps in 12:14 and 12:16, and the 1 mile reps in 6:07 and 6:08 – very close to the magical 6:06/mi pace required for a 38:00 10K.

Given the mileage in my legs this is very positive – up until now I wasn’t sure if 38-dead was going to be achievable at the end of July, but now I’m feeling more confident. It’ll still require a good day and a lot of hard work, but it now feels more within reach…

18:04 min/mi160-7 ft
27:56 min/mi160-119 ft
37:48 min/mi165-38 ft
46:10 min/mi180-10 ft
56:03 min/mi192-2 ft
68:01 min/mi1802 ft
76:07 min/mi1901 ft
87:31 min/mi1813 ft
96:33 min/mi1780 ft
107:24 min/mi1714 ft
117:37 min/mi1684 ft
128:10 min/mi16215 ft
Total1:27:3312.0 mi7:17 min/mi173
2 ×12:15.03200m6:09 min/mi
2 ×6:07.51600m6:09 min/mi
Average1:31.9400m6:09 min/mi
WU24:293.09 mi7:56 min/mi162
112:143200m6:09 min/mi188
R5:10850m9:46 min/mi176
212:163200m6:10 min/mi189
R5:07800m10:17 min/mi167
36:071600m6:09 min/mi183
R2:59400m12:00 min/mi160
46:081600m6:10 min/mi180
R:5148m28:29 min/mi176
WD12:061.50 mi8:04 min/mi160

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