Track session (6 × 1 mi @ goal 10K pace)

First session from a McMillan training plan that will hopefully see me go sub-40. Sessions are run at goal 10K pace, and build up to 3×2 miles. Pleased with this session, felt tough but manageable despite strong breeze on home straight.

18:35 min/mi158-1 ft
27:46 min/mi160-1 ft
37:35 min/mi1781 ft
47:33 min/mi182-2 ft
56:51 min/mi1800 ft
67:54 min/mi1760 ft
78:04 min/mi1750 ft
87:53 min/mi178-1 ft
97:10 min/mi187-3 ft
109:08 min/mi153-1 ft
0.18:22 min/mi146-1 ft
Total1:19:0110.1 mi7:51 min/mi172
6 ×6:27.51600m6:29 min/mi
Average1:36.9400m6:29 min/mi
WU13:511.61 mi8:37 min/mi155
16:241600m6:26 min/mi189
R2:50400m11:23 min/mi163
26:311600m6:33 min/mi185
R3:09400m12:40 min/mi156
36:281600m6:30 min/mi186
R3:09400m12:40 min/mi159
46:281600m6:30 min/mi188
R3:18400m13:16 min/mi156
56:271600m6:29 min/mi189
R3:10400m12:44 min/mi158
66:271600m6:29 min/mi187
R:58100m15:33 min/mi182
WD9:461.07 mi9:05 min/mi153

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