Track session (6×1000m)

Pleased with this performance. Legs felt a bit tired and it was windy on the back straight but managed an average of 3:49 per km, much faster than I’ve managed this session before.

18:29 min/mi1551 ft
27:06 min/mi1683 ft
37:10 min/mi1825 ft
47:26 min/mi1750 ft
57:35 min/mi1763 ft
67:12 min/mi1783 ft
77:29 min/mi1713 ft
88:53 min/mi155-4 ft
Total1:01:288.0 mi7:40 min/mi169
6 ×3:49.01000m6:08 min/mi
Average1:31.6400m6:08 min/mi
WU12:111.44 mi8:29 min/mi154
13:471000m6:05 min/mi187
R2:20400m9:23 min/mi170
23:481000m6:06 min/mi188
R2:24400m9:39 min/mi165
33:511000m6:11 min/mi186
R2:36400m10:27 min/mi166
43:461000m6:03 min/mi188
R2:57400m11:52 min/mi164
53:511000m6:11 min/mi187
R2:43400m10:55 min/mi165
63:511000m6:11 min/mi188
WD13:181.49 mi8:55 min/mi155

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