Track tempo session (7 mi @ LT)

Wow, tough session! I think this is far harder than any of the MP sessions I’ve done so far as it’s just so long at a LT pace. My plan was to at least hit 6:45 min/mi, which is the Daniels adjusted pace for a longer LT session based on my 5K PB time.

Quite pleased to manage 6:35 average, and after a tough mile 2 and 3 even managed to bring the pace back up a little, rather than continuing to slow which can happen on a longer tempo run.

Some may think I’m mad doing a longer session like this on the track, but I find counting down the laps and getting exact 1600m splits helps give me something to concentrate on. Wasn’t looking forward to this going in, but pleased with the result and very glad to have got it over with!


17:57 min/mi163-8 ft
28:02 min/mi161-110 ft
38:00 min/mi168-41 ft
46:36 min/mi182-4 ft
56:41 min/mi1890 ft
66:41 min/mi1880 ft
76:35 min/mi1880 ft
86:34 min/mi188-0 ft
96:35 min/mi1870 ft
106:33 min/mi188-1 ft
118:07 min/mi16349 ft
128:30 min/mi16784 ft
Total1:27:0912.0 mi7:14 min/mi176
124:273.05 mi8:00 min/mi164
26:300.99 mi6:32 min/mi186
36:381.00 mi6:39 min/mi189
46:401.00 mi6:41 min/mi188
56:361.01 mi6:33 min/mi188
66:371.01 mi6:32 min/mi188
76:371.00 mi6:35 min/mi187
86:311.01 mi6:27 min/mi188
916:271.95 mi8:24 min/mi165

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