Windy LSR around Worcester

Happy with the pace today despite the rather gusty winds at times. Heart rate seems to be settling back down to normal now. Have a bit of a head cold / allergy to my parents dog making me rather sniffly, but pleased it doesn’t seem to be affecting me too much.

17:31 min/mi162-18 ft
27:36 min/mi1735 ft
37:38 min/mi17411 ft
47:38 min/mi173-42 ft
57:43 min/mi174-14 ft
67:43 min/mi176-2 ft
77:40 min/mi1766 ft
88:08 min/mi17314 ft
97:59 min/mi17314 ft
107:56 min/mi17413 ft
117:55 min/mi174-14 ft
128:00 min/mi17514 ft
137:50 min/mi176-5 ft
147:43 min/mi176-52 ft
157:43 min/mi176-6 ft
167:53 min/mi1763 ft
Total2:04:5016.0 mi7:47 min/mi174
119:102.56 mi7:29 min/mi168
27:390.98 mi7:48 min/mi176
317:022.21 mi7:42 min/mi174
410:101.32 mi7:41 min/mi176
58:411.06 mi8:09 min/mi173
610:261.31 mi7:57 min/mi173
726:283.34 mi7:54 min/mi175
825:093.23 mi7:47 min/mi176

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