Windy medium-long run around Worcester

Quite windy out today, so pleased with the pace. Defintely seem to be getting back to the fitness I had at the end of November.

18:13 min/mi16118 ft
28:07 min/mi171-31 ft
38:23 min/mi168-49 ft
48:32 min/mi1677 ft
58:26 min/mi167-6 ft
68:23 min/mi1690 ft
78:28 min/mi17041 ft
88:32 min/mi1694 ft
98:22 min/mi167-23 ft
108:20 min/mi1703 ft
118:09 min/mi168-46 ft
0.37:46 min/mi17423 ft
Total1:34:2411.3 mi8:20 min/mi168
114:001.73 mi8:05 min/mi164
226:573.19 mi8:27 min/mi169
39:051.07 mi8:28 min/mi169
415:541.87 mi8:29 min/mi169
528:273.45 mi8:15 min/mi169

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