Easy run around the Severn

Still have a slight nagging at the knee but nothing major. Feels fine after the run with no residual pain which I think is the main thing.

19:04 min/mi141-49 ft
29:04 min/mi1532 ft
38:43 min/mi1584 ft
48:51 min/mi1551 ft
59:11 min/mi151-6 ft
68:52 min/mi1534 ft
0.29:23 min/mi15112 ft
Total55:486.2 mi8:59 min/mi152
120:152.24 mi9:02 min/mi148
27:300.87 mi8:38 min/mi158
311:081.24 mi8:59 min/mi155
49:271.04 mi9:03 min/mi150
57:260.83 mi9:00 min/mi153

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