LSR around Worcester

Knee still giving a slight nagging ache as the mileage builds, but far better than it has been. Two week taper for the HM starts next week, so with the reduced mileage it will hopefully continue to heal well.

18:45 min/mi15020 ft
28:40 min/mi161-12 ft
38:42 min/mi162-61 ft
48:43 min/mi1633 ft
58:53 min/mi1626 ft
68:41 min/mi163-2 ft
78:40 min/mi16137 ft
89:05 min/mi1588 ft
98:51 min/mi160-17 ft
108:49 min/mi16313 ft
118:44 min/mi1671 ft
128:43 min/mi165-42 ft
138:39 min/mi170-9 ft
148:40 min/mi1710 ft
0.38:40 min/mi17011 ft
Total2:05:0114.3 mi8:45 min/mi163
124:082.77 mi8:42 min/mi158
219:162.19 mi8:47 min/mi162
39:201.08 mi8:40 min/mi163
413:011.45 mi8:57 min/mi161
538:594.44 mi8:47 min/mi162
620:162.34 mi8:39 min/mi171

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