London 10,000 2016

Very hectic first few kilometres, including idiots in the fast start walking within 100m?! Pleased to keep a nice steady effort despite tired legs. Decent training run and nice to be getting back towards my best.

14:076:36 min/mi17248 ft
23:586:23 min/mi190-1 ft
34:016:27 min/mi19320 ft
44:016:28 min/mi192-20 ft
54:066:35 min/mi1899 ft
63:596:24 min/mi18917 ft
73:596:24 min/mi187-25 ft
84:016:27 min/mi188-1 ft
93:546:16 min/mi187-26 ft
103:496:08 min/mi190-17 ft
11:074:43 min/mi1931 ft
Total40:016.2 mi6:26 min/mi188
14:090.63 mi6:36 min/mi173
23:550.61 mi6:22 min/mi190
33:570.61 mi6:26 min/mi193
44:000.62 mi6:28 min/mi192
54:000.61 mi6:32 min/mi189
64:040.63 mi6:24 min/mi189
74:040.64 mi6:23 min/mi187
83:560.61 mi6:26 min/mi188
93:570.63 mi6:14 min/mi187
103:540.64 mi6:04 min/mi190

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