Medium-long run down to Regent’s Park

Had a slight chesty cough yesterday, and given the very cold, wet weather decided it was probably best to take an extra rest day rather than risk making the cough worse.

Felt much better today, so went ahead with the longest of my “medium-long” runs for this week. Back to the hills of North London so bit slower pace. Legs a little tired towards the end but generally all good.

18:30 min/mi147-44 ft
28:32 min/mi159-45 ft
39:17 min/mi176190 ft
48:19 min/mi165-89 ft
58:08 min/mi167-194 ft
68:21 min/mi170-45 ft
78:30 min/mi169-16 ft
88:29 min/mi17021 ft
98:45 min/mi17139 ft
108:28 min/mi167-54 ft
118:41 min/mi17140 ft
128:55 min/mi17279 ft
139:18 min/mi17268 ft
0.59:08 min/mi17625 ft
Total1:57:0513.5 mi8:39 min/mi168
115:331.83 mi8:30 min/mi152
215:131.70 mi8:57 min/mi172
317:032.09 mi8:09 min/mi167
423:462.79 mi8:30 min/mi170
56:160.71 mi8:51 min/mi172
613:411.58 mi8:40 min/mi169
715:211.73 mi8:51 min/mi169
810:081.10 mi9:15 min/mi176

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