Medium-long run via Victoria Park

Tired legs today following yesterday’s track session. Hard work but I know these longer runs on fatigued legs are going to be good practise for the marathon.

17:14 min/mi159-36 ft
27:43 min/mi173-4 ft
37:59 min/mi171-3 ft
47:49 min/mi1725 ft
57:50 min/mi173-13 ft
68:10 min/mi17410 ft
77:55 min/mi1726 ft
87:58 min/mi1755 ft
97:59 min/mi1732 ft
107:49 min/mi17559 ft
117:57 min/mi172-26 ft
128:06 min/mi17446 ft
138:49 min/mi176182 ft
148:41 min/mi17424 ft
0.28:30 min/mi173-22 ft
Total1:53:5214.2 mi8:00 min/mi172
117:142.22 mi7:44 min/mi167
240:255.08 mi7:57 min/mi173
313:391.67 mi8:09 min/mi174
47:160.89 mi8:10 min/mi175
521:152.57 mi8:16 min/mi174
614:001.58 mi8:51 min/mi175

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