Track session (5×800m @ 5K pace)

Pretty pleased with how my legs have recovered from the HM (makes me wonder if I ran hard enough!?). They felt pretty good today and despite a very strong headwind on the back straight managed a reasonable 2:56, 2:58, 3:00, 2:58, 2:57.

18:05 min/mi1593 ft
28:15 min/mi159-129 ft
38:02 min/mi164-38 ft
46:53 min/mi175-10 ft
56:54 min/mi1851 ft
67:23 min/mi1842 ft
77:22 min/mi17518 ft
88:29 min/mi16758 ft
98:50 min/mi16499 ft
Total1:10:349.0 mi7:48 min/mi170
5 ×2:57.8800m5:57 min/mi
Average1:28.9400m5:57 min/mi
WU25:253.13 mi8:07 min/mi161
12:56800m5:54 min/mi184
R2:20400m9:23 min/mi167
22:58800m5:58 min/mi192
R2:28400m9:55 min/mi171
33:00800m6:02 min/mi191
R2:24400m9:39 min/mi173
42:58800m5:58 min/mi191
R2:29400m9:59 min/mi171
52:57800m5:56 min/mi191
R:3050m16:05 min/mi191
WD20:042.33 mi8:36 min/mi164

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