Recovery run home

Another tired run the day after a late night, but felt good – much better than Thursday morning’s slog.

18:40 min/mi1537 ft
28:37 min/mi1576 ft
39:50 min/mi16272 ft
48:27 min/mi152-47 ft
55:31 min/mi15732 ft
69:03 min/mi163102 ft
79:36 min/mi166106 ft
88:19 min/mi155-39 ft
99:01 min/mi157-21 ft
0.69:44 min/mi16354 ft
Total1:22:359.6 mi8:38 min/mi159
126:212.87 mi9:10 min/mi157
222:282.55 mi8:48 min/mi157
39:200.97 mi9:38 min/mi167
413:341.51 mi9:00 min/mi158
510:511.12 mi9:40 min/mi158

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