Regent’s Park 10K September 2014

Regents Park 10K Sept 2014

Today was a fitness test to get an idea of where I am with my training, so I can hopefully make a better decision for what pace to go out at for the Royal Parks Half next month. Given my recent training I knew a PB was probably on, perhaps 44:00 or 43:30 on a good day.

Conditions were perfect – about 15ยบ and totally still. Not having a specific goal in mind I set out aiming to run purely on effort level. After fast start, aided by a downhill start straight I settled in to slightly sub-4:20/km pace, and felt very comfortable. The kilometres ticked away and felt good, and I picked up the pace a bit in the last kilometre to pick off a few guys I was with in the last lap or two.

Very pleased with 42:54, didn’t expect to take over two minutes off my PB! It now raises the prospect of a big HM PB – race calculators predict a 1:35 HM based on my 10K time. We shall see…

14:106:42 min/mi181-15 ft
24:227:01 min/mi19129 ft
34:196:56 min/mi190-2 ft
44:116:43 min/mi189-25 ft
54:267:07 min/mi18925 ft
64:227:02 min/mi188-4 ft
74:076:36 min/mi188-15 ft
84:247:05 min/mi19011 ft
94:287:11 min/mi18920 ft
104:026:30 min/mi190-21 ft
11:045:15 min/mi198-1 ft
Total42:546.2 mi6:54 min/mi189
14:060.61 mi6:42 min/mi181
24:170.61 mi7:02 min/mi191
34:180.62 mi6:54 min/mi190
44:090.62 mi6:41 min/mi189
54:290.63 mi7:07 min/mi189
64:210.62 mi7:01 min/mi188
74:170.65 mi6:38 min/mi188
84:200.61 mi7:04 min/mi190
94:200.61 mi7:08 min/mi189
104:130.65 mi6:28 min/mi191

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