Slow run work to home

18:52 min/mi158-26 ft
29:05 min/mi16910 ft
39:15 min/mi17374 ft
49:15 min/mi169-47 ft
59:24 min/mi17662 ft
69:22 min/mi17785 ft
0.89:37 min/mi17895 ft
Total1:02:576.8 mi9:15 min/mi171
111:471.33 mi8:51 min/mi161
212:121.32 mi9:16 min/mi171
313:211.44 mi9:15 min/mi170
43:420.39 mi9:27 min/mi176
518:592.01 mi9:25 min/mi178
63:040.31 mi10:00 min/mi172

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