Testing the new Garmin 735XT

First impressions good – it’s similar to the 630 but adds multisport, route/map functions and built-in optical HRM. HR tracked well on this run, I also wore my Scosche Rhythm+ and they both matched closely whenever I checked.

Run-wise, another positive one with a better heart rate and pace. Definitely feel like I’m over the post-marathon hump, interested to see what kind of performance I can put in at the Bristol 10K tomorrow, assuming I don’t get carried away drinking with friends tonight!?

18:10 min/mi151-58 ft
28:31 min/mi16317 ft
38:42 min/mi16549 ft
48:28 min/mi162-65 ft
0.58:45 min/mi15820 ft
Lap Time Distance PaceHR
Total 38:22 4.5 mi 8:30 min/mi160
1 38:22 4.51 mi 8:30 min/mi160

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