City of London Mile 2016

Really wasn’t sure how today’s race would go, coming at the end of my second 80+ mile week of training, but was hoping I might be able to hit 5:30 or lower. Legs felt tired from the start but I pushed on and tried not to lose concentration and slow. Passed the halfway point dead-on time at 2:45, so knuckled down and pushed hard to try and get every bit of speed out of my heavy legs.

Official time 5:30.8 which I’m really pleased with given my mileage over the past few weeks. Unlike the Westminster Mile a few weeks ago I didn’t feel like I was going all-out – the tiredness in my legs was preventing that. I therefore think I might be good for a couple of extra seconds on fresh legs.

Great race too, good organisation, nice crowd support, and all for free! Great stuff.

London City Mile

15:33 min/mi1881 ft
Lap Time Distance PaceHR
Total 5:31 1.0 mi 5:31 min/mi188
1 5:30 0.99 mi 5:33 min/mi188

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